Oriental General Bike/Two-wheeler Insurance 

In the rundown of the things that have turned into the essential piece of our life, two-wheelers and bikes come on the top. Oriental General Insurance for Two-wheeler or Bike is a public area insurance agency that gives a prudent answer for safeguarding a huge number of individuals from unanticipated occasions of life. Oriental Third Party protection strategy for Two Wheeler satisfies the obligatory prerequisite of law just as gives help to bargain outsider liabilities emerging because of mishaps including the safeguarded bicycle. 

Oriental General Insurance has simplified it for ordinary citizens to contact them through their web-based entrance. It has even set up an effective assist work area with adjusting to help the policyholders. The Oriental outsider bicycle protection gives fundamental inclusion of monetary and legitimate liabilities towards the outsider.In the event of an accident, the insurance will cover third-party liabilities such as bodily injury, death, and property damage. If you don’t have third-party insurance, you might be fined Rs 2,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 3 months. In contrast, a standalone own-damage policy will compensate the policyholder for loss to their two-wheeler. Fraud, burglary, traffic accidents, natural and industrial calamities are all covered by own-damage insurance. Finally, a comprehensive plan provides all-around protection because it includes both own-damage and third-party liability coverage for a single payment. 

Anyone can acquire add-on covers to supplement the policy’s coverage in addition to own-damage coverage. Add-on covers are optional and provide you the ability to select and choose according to your needs. Furthermore, if selected appropriately, it can have a considerable impact on claim settlement. The zero deterioration cover, commodities cover, roadside assistance cover, and passenger assistance cover are all add-ons that you should think about. 

Oriental Insurance is a reputable insurance company with a reputation for prompt service and low pricing. When you buy an own-damage policy from Oriental, you’ll get a no-claim bonus for every year you go without filing a claim. The bonus is cumulative, increasing to 50% for the fifth year in a row. 

List of Best Oriental Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

Own Damage

To use a two-wheeler for regular trips brings with it a number of risks, which might cause concern in you and your family and friends. To some extent, having insurance will assist you in managing these risks. It adds another layer of security to the insurance policyholder by recovering for damages incurred in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident, the own-damage two-wheeler insurance policy will pay your own damage costs, and it does so in a variety of situations. This includes acts of vandalism, theft, car accidents, explosions, man-made fires, and natural disasters. Furthermore, purchasing it in conjunction with third-party insurance will provide you with a well-rounded protective barrier. 

Third-Party cover 

Oriental General Insurance is a government-owned insurance firm that offers a cost-effective way to protect thousands of people from life’s unpredictable disasters. The Oriental Third Party Insurance coverage for motorcycles satisfies the legal need while also assisting with third-party liability arising from accidents involving the insured’s motorcycle. 

Through their internet site, Oriental General Insurance has made it easier for ordinary people to contact them. It has even established an effective help desk to support policyholders. The Oriental third-party Two-Wheeler insurance provides minimal coverage for third-party financial and legal responsibilities. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Oriental General Insurance has successfully provided wide coverage against the uncertainties of life. The Oriental comprehensive Two-Wheeler insurance shields its policyholder from the financial obligations to the third party incurred by the insured’s bike as well as the financial loss due to own damage suffered by the bike. It provides financial security and peace of mind to the policyholders. 

Benefits of Oriental Bike/ Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Oriental Two-Wheeler Insurance has liability-only coverage as well as a complete insurance plan. Both plans have their advantages. Choose the one you want after learning about the benefits based on your medical need. 

  • Round-the-clock support from the helpdesk 

  • Settlement of claims is quick and simple. 

  • It allows policy issuance to be done quickly and easily online. 

  • A diverse selection of add-ons offers comprehensive coverage. 

  • Third-party liability and own-damage expenses will not be incurred by the insured. 

  • A nationwide network of prepaid garages provides free repair services. 

  • Two-wheeler own-damage insurance covers the costs of own-damage in the event of a collision. 

  • Every year that goes by without a claim, insurance companies reward their customers with a No Claim Bonus. 

  • Add-on covers with own-damage coverage are available from insurance companies, allowing you to expand the coverage of your policy. 

Oriental Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance Coverage

  • The cost of the vehicle’s loss or damage 

  • Personal accident insurance for the vehicle’s driver and owner. 

  • Invasion, theft, housebreaking, and other incidents that result in vehicle loss or damage. 

  • Vehicle loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning, or self-ignition. 

  • Natural disasters such as landslides, rockslides, earthquakes, and other natural disasters might cause the vehicle to be lost or damaged. 

  • Strikes, riots, and terrorism are examples of man-made malicious acts. 

  • Vehicle theft or damage while in transit. 

The Oriental Two-Wheeler/Bike Insurance’s Exclusions 

  • A person operating the car without a valid driver’s license causes damage or loss to it. 
  • A person driving while impaired of any intoxicating substance causes damage or loss to the car. 
  • Breakdown due to mechanical or electrical failure Loss as a result Degradation in the vehicle’s value Due to war/mutiny/nuclear peril, the vehicle is lost or damaged. 
  • Consumable item damage or loss is not possible except if the vehicle is also damaged. In such instances, the insurer’s responsibility is restricted to 50 percent. 
  • Damage occurred outside of India’s geographical territory. 
  • Claims for an insured property that has been used in excess of the policy’s limitations. 
  • Unless the car is detected at the same time, there will be a loss of vehicle accessories. 

Discounts offered

Significant discounts on two-wheeler insurance coverage are available to policyholders in the following manner: 

  • Choosing a higher level of voluntary excess 
  • Installing an anti-theft device that has been approved by the ARAI 
  • Taking advantage of the No Claim Bonus (NCB) 
  • Become a part of a reputable automobile organization. 

Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim in Oriental 

  • Oriental General Insurance earned a name for itself in the 2019-2020 financial year with a claim settlement percentage of 91.76 percent. It has been successful in quickly resolving the difficulties of its policyholders. 

  • Oriental General Insurance company made an effort to reach out to a wider audience by digitizing the procedures for purchasing, claiming, and renewing policies. The claim settlement process can be done either online or offline, depending on your preference. It has built an effective customer service department to assist policyholders with the procedure. 

  • No cash claims 

  • For cashless claims, the original repair invoice is required. 

When resolving a bike insurance claim, the following documents are required

  • Form for submitting a claim that has been completely filled out and signed. 

  • Copy of the Registration Certificate (RC) Self-attested copy of the driver’s license at the time of the accident Policy copy 

  • For non-cashless claims, the original repaired estimate, repair invoice, and payment receipt are required. 

  • For cashless claims, the original repair invoice is required. 

The Process For Filing An Oriental Paperless Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim 

To provide a hassle-free experience for its customers, Oriental Insurance has implemented a claim settlement process that follows the procedures below. 

Step 1: Get in touch with Oriental Insurance

You must notify the insurer 24 hours after the accident, theft, or damage to the insured’s bike in order to file a new claim. You can reach out to the insurance using the methods listed below. 

Call 1800 118485 or 011-33208485 for further information (chargeable) 

By visiting the official website: You must log in with either your e-mail address or your phone number. Select claim category and policy number on the “Initiate a new claim” page. 

by going to the closest branch 

Step 2: File a Claim 

Following the notification, a representative from the insurance company calls you. You must give him the policy number, the date, time, and place of the incident, as well as any other pertinent information. Your complaint has been successfully established when the representative gives you a claim registration number. 

Step 3: Damages Assessment 

A corporate surveyor is dispatched to inspect the degree of the Two-Wheeler damage as a result of the collision. The surveyor calculates the cost of repairs and gathers the properly completed claim form, policy documentation, and incident evidence. 

Step 4: Rehabilitation and Compensation 

You can now take the bike to whatever garage you want and repair it on your own dime. The bills as well as receipts for the repair, as well as the policy documentation, must be given to the insurer for payment after the repair is completed. The insurer redistributes the claim amount factoring all deductibles and devaluation after the company validates the case and passes the check. 

Reasons for Rejection of Oriental Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance Claims

There are various grounds that you must examine while settling a claim with Oriental Insurance Company so that your claim is not denied. A claim is denied by the insurance for the reasons mentioned: 

  • Act of indifference 

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license

  • Facts are misunderstood. 

  • A scam has been reported.  

  • Driving while inebriated or under the drunk or high is a serious offense. 

  • Delay in notifying the insurer of the accident. 

The Oriental Bonus is a no-claim bonus

Every bike insurance policy with a solo own damage protection or a comprehensive plan from the Oriental General Insurance Company comes with a No Claim Bonus. The consumer receives a reward for each year of claim-free service and it is cumulative. It now stands at 50% for the fifth year in a row. Even a minor and insignificant claim, however, disables the award. As a result, every policyholder should only file a claim for bike insurance if the two-wheeler has been severely damaged. 

Renewal of Oriental Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance

Thousands of people have had their road hazards reduced thanks to Oriental General Insurance’s protective bike insurance coverage. At a low cost, Oriental bike insurance efficiently protects its insured from the dangers of the road. The Two-Wheeler insurance policy, like all other insurance policies, has an expiration date. Policyholders should renew their policies if they want to continue to be protected after they expire. 

By digitizing the renewal process, Oriental General Insurance has made it easier for its policyholders. Policyholders may, however, choose to renew their policies through the traditional offline approach. Policyholders can also seek support with any issue through the company’s active helpdesk service. The processes for renewing an Oriental bike insurance coverage are detailed here. 

Renewal of an Oriental Bike Insurance Policy – Online Procedure

In just three easy steps, Oriental Insurance has streamlined the online certification process for bike insurance. 

Step 1: Go to the government website and find the page for renewal. 

Visit Oriental Insurance’s official website. 

Select “RENEW ONLINE” from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2: Complete the policy information. 

A new page appears, asking for information about your insurance. Click “Renew Now” after entering the policy number. The policy’s specifics are revealed. Confirm the content and then go to the “Premium Calculated” tab to see the quote. “Customer personal information for IOCL” is the next option. Proceed to the final stage after updating your personal information. 

Step 3: Confirm the recurring payment. 

The final step is to pay the premium using a checking account or through net banking through the payment portal. Within a few days of making the final payment, you will receive the policy documentation. 

Renewal of an Oriental Bike Insurance Policy – Offline Procedure 

Oriental insurance can be purchased over the phone by calling 1800-118-485 or 011-33208485. (chargeable). For renewal, you can alternatively go to the nearest branch. 

Benefits of Renewal of Oriental Bike Insurance 

  • There is no need for documentation. 

  • Emergency aid that is active 

  • Take advantage of the No Claim Bonus to save money. 

  • Provides a feeling of financial stability and peace of mind. 

  • Takes care of any legal liabilities that may arise as a result of an accident. 

  • Add-on covers provide you the option to extend your coverage. 


Q1. What are the different types of motor insurance coverage that Oriental Insurance Company offers? 

Ans – The following are the two categories of motor insurance plans offered by the insurance provider: 
Liability-Only Insurance: This policy protects the insured from legal and financial obligations stemming from damage or loss to a third party caused by the covered vehicle. The minimum insurance necessary for motor vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Act is third-party liability insurance. 
Package Policy: Oriental Insurance Company’s package policy protects the insured in a range of occurrences resulting in vehicle loss or damage, as well as liabilities deriving from accidental loss or damage to a third party. 

Q2.Is it possible to purchase Oriental motorbike insurance online? 

Ans – The cost of a motorbike insurance coverage is determined by a number of factors, including the vehicle’s make and model, registration zone, claims experience, No Claim Advantage, and the vehicle’s age, among others

Q3. Is it possible to purchase a new vehicle insurance coverage if my current one has already expired? 

Ans – Yes, you can request a duplicate electronic copy from the issuer, who will then send you a duplicate plan copy. 

Q4. What should I do if my car is stolen? 

Ans – The first thing a customer should do in the event of theft is reported it to the nearby police station. The owner must also notify the insurer. 

Q5. What will my bike insurance policy premium be? 

Ans – The cost of a motorbike insurance coverage is determined by a number of factors, including the vehicle’s make and model, registration zone, claims experience, No Claim Advantage, and the vehicle’s age, among others. 
Ans: If your current insurance policy has already expired, you can acquire a new one. However, if there is a gap in coverage, the insurance carrier may want to inspect the car before issuing a new policy. 

Q6. If I lose my policy document, can I acquire a duplicate insurance certificate? 

Ans – Yes, you can request a duplicate electronic copy from the issuer, who will then send you a duplicate plan copy. : The first thing a customer should do in the event of theft is reported it to the nearby police station. The owner must also notify the insurer. 

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