SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance 

Established in 2010, SBI General Insurance Company Limited commenced its operations as a consequence of a partnership between the State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group (IAG). The insurer presents a range of insurance yields for commercial and retail use and seeks to make insurance obtainable for the masses. Its retail outlets include Motor, Health, Personal Accident, Home, and Travel Insurance, along with the commercial outcomes include Aviation, Fire, Marine, Construction, Engineering, Liability, and Package Insurance. The company holds a pan-India existence in over 350 places. 

List of best SBI Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance

Third-party two-wheeler insurance

Third-party two-wheeler insurance is one of the most essential types of two-wheeler insurance. It is formulated to safeguard us against each of the third-party liabilities generated by a misfortune involving the two-wheeler. It is crucial that every two-wheeler proprietor in India has to keep third-party two-wheeler insurance.  

Why do You Need Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance? 

A third-party two-wheeler insurance body is the most fundamental sort of two-wheeler insurance scheme available. In point of any road misfortune or any other accident affecting the insured’s two-wheeler, it delivers coverage to that particular policyholder for any kind of third-party detriments (bodily damages, demise, and/or property deterioration). 

How to Buy a Third Party Bike Insurance Online? 

Do you desire to purchase a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy? We own to obtained your back! Purchase third party two-wheeler insurance very easily online at their official website by following these easy steps: 

  • Step 1: Visit their official website and choose ‘Bike’ option  

  • Step 2: Put in your registered bike’s registration number. 

  • Step 3: Provide the name along with the mobile number and then just click on the button ‘get quotes’. 

  • Step 4: Now approximate the insurance procedure provided by various insurers and pick the one that ticks all the boxes. 

  • Step 5: Directly, you can now pay online for the assigned bike insurance policy. 

  • Step 6: Your policy documents required shall be mailed to you through your email. 

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance 

A comprehensive third-party policy will rescue your two-wheeler, bike, scooter, moped, etc, 24×7 and 356 days of a year from any kind of accidents like fire, theft, man-made or natural disasters, and more additional. Plus, you can even avail of a cashless repair aptitude across network best garages present across India. 

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles law and Act of 1988, it is compulsory to have at slightest a third party liability two-wheeler insurance in India. While it is advisable to buy a Comprehensive bike insurance coverage policy.  


  • Indian roads can never be safe for all riders and hence are not rider-friendly 

  • A single mishap can leave you wounded; economic and emotionally 

  • You might conclude up in jail, blended with a strict liability  

  • Legal responsibilities will add counted stress to the daily life 

  • The expense of medical therapy and hospitalization is pricey  

Advantages of Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance 

Here is a checklist of key features and advantages of having a comprehensive bike plan: 

Own Damage Cover                        Full protection against harm to your motorbike.
Own Damage CoverFull protection against harm to your motorbike. 
Liability CoverCovers harm against third groups and belongings due to their  
Personal Accident Cover Rs. 15 lakh in case of demise or disability due to an  Accident
Add-OnsZero devaluation, No Claim Bonus Protection,  Return to Invoice, Engine Cover, etc. 

Owner Damage Two-wheeler Insurance 

As the name implies, this policy protects your own deterioration to the bike during an accident. A standalone own deterioration bike insurance is a kind of two-wheeler insurance where it enables you to remain covered against harm caused to your bike and not the third group bike that was entangled in the misfortune. In case of a mishap, the Own Damage Two-Wheeler Insurance approach reimburses you for the costs incurred to repair or substitute parts of the two-wheelers harmed in the accident. 

Definition: It furnishes cover against deterioration caused to the own bike and not the one that is owned by any third party who was entangled in the casualty. 

Cover Provided: Deterioration to owned automobile and self, due to a calamity or natural catastrophe or man-made accidents. 

Not Covered: Harms to a third party automobile, person or possessions. 

Add-on: zero Depreciation,  EMI Protection, Daily Allowance Benefit, Helmet Cover 

Inclusions of Standalone Own Damage Two Wheeler Insurance? 

Accidental Damages 

This plan provides coverage for the deterioration sustained by the self-owned bike in a mishap or crash. 

Natural Disasters 

A standalone own deterioration plan supports your bike insured from any deterioration incurred in quakes, floods, hurricanes, and other biological calamities. 

Man-Made Disasters 

The plan even keeps you guaranteed against wears incurred in strikes, riots, eruptions, and other human-made disasters 


A standalone self-own damage program also preserves you insured from any kind of theft of the bike. 


This program also shields the own damages induced to your motorbike by fire and eruptions. 

Exclusions of Own Damage Bike Insurance

The following items are not covered in own damage two-wheeler insurance: 

Third-Party Liability: Only the casualties or damages rendered to own vehicle is protected under own damage bike insurance. 

Consequential Deteriorations: Damages that are compelled to the bike therefore  and not during a calamity 

Contributory Delinquency: In point, the policyholder does anything on the sense that they were not considered to do, then, in that point, their two-wheeler would not get sheathed. 

Advantages of Two-Wheeler Own Damage Insurance

Option of Different Insurers 

With the preface of standalone own deterioration bike insurance programs, the bike insurance policyholders can directly opt for a third party insurance coverage and own harm insurance covering from various insurance providers of their preference. 

Flexibility in Tenure 

The unused bought bike owners are no extended bound to buy a long-term comprehensive insurance procedure because of the compulsion of maintaining a long-term third party plan. 

Pocket Friendly 

With the partition of long-term comprehensive insurance strategy into long-term third-party insurance along with the short-term own damage project, the insurance schemes have now evolved frugal for the policyholders. 

SBI Bike Insurance- Review

With a strong web of cashless garages all over the nation in India, SBI Two-wheeler Insurance can create doorstep contracts for new or renewal policy bodies. The company achieves brownie ends when it arrives at providing usefulness or services corresponding to the premiums assessed. Further, with their ‘Increase in Individual Accident add-on cover,’ one can be easily assured of what is being covered with each of the people’s need for their needed bike insurance. Therefore, if someone is looking to purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan with a reasonable budget, then this SBI Two wheeler insurance has to be a substantial choice. 

Important Advantages of SBI Bike Insurance

  1. Customer Service: SBI Two-wheeler Insurance retains an incredible team of customer service that delivers useful and hassle-free service,  pre-sales service as well as post-sales assistance 
  1. Claim Settlement: This has a remarkably clean history for claim settlement. 
  1. Discounts: This Business offers markdowns on premiums for consumers who are aged around somewhere between 25 to 55 years. Even offers more discounts  
  1. Transfer of NCB: SBI Two-wheeler plan for Insurance policy delivers transfer of NCB in the matter you like to port your approach with another insurer 
  1. Affordability: SBI Two-wheeler Insurance delivers reasonable paces with customized programs  
  1. Long term procedure: This Company delivers a long term two wheeler insurance policy i.e for around 2 and maybe 3 years that’s so at a good discounted rate 
  1. Trouble-free Review: Offers easy, hassle-free and steady surveillance by the review team 

SBI Bike Insurance Care Numbers / Contact details 

SBI Customer Care Telephone Number 

Landline or the Mobile: 1800 22 1111 

Features of Future SBI Bike Insurance

Key Features of SBI Two Wheeler Insurance 

  • Third-Party Cover:  

Offers third-party cover in point of death or physical injury of any third-party, belongings harm to the third-party of around or up to Rs.1 lakh and private accident plan for the owner-driver 

  • Quick Claim Compensation:  

It Offers hassle-free which is the quick claim settlement  

  • Basic cover and  personal accident coverage for passengers:  

Presents a basic two-wheeler insurance cover along with personal accident cover for a portion of Rs.1 lakh for the co-passenger 

SBI Bike insurance coverage

SBI Two-wheeler Insurance plan can be tailored for the bike to obtain insurance. It is essential to comprehend the plan before really going for two-wheeler insurance. It is important to cover the bike adequately to save it from robbery, damage or misfortune. 

Own Damage 

This policy protects any harm or loss to the two-wheeler by any of the subsequent things: 

  • Fire, blast, lightning or self-ignition. 

  • Burglary, theft, housebreaking. 

  • Terrorist Act. 

  • Hoot and Strike. 

  • Vicious Act. 

  • Flood, Hurricane, Typhoon,  Tempest, Cyclone, Inundation and  Hailstorm. 

  • Quake (Fire and Wonder) Damage. 

  • Unexpected external means. 

  • any accident at the road, inland channel, lift, air or elevator. 

  • Third-Party or Detriment  

This policy is required by the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 for every vehicle running on the Indian roads. It presents the beneath coverage: 

  • Covers physical injury and /or demise of a third party 

  • Property harm to the third party of around Rs.1 lakh 

  • Personal Casualty cover for owner-driver 

  • Personal misfortune for owner-driver 

SBI two wheeler plan will pay the sum guaranteed of Rs.1 lakh to the proprietor-driver of the insured automobile in case of enduring total disability or to the legatee in case of unexpected death 

A casualty can depart you damaged to acquire your and your family’s earning. Further, rising expenses of medications can rip off your whole hard-earned money and savings. In those traumatic and unexpected situations, getting into personal misfortune insurance would function like an earnings replacement 

  1. Type of Compensation  Injury Level in case of personal accident covering for owner-driver 
  1. Death – 100% 
  1. Casualty of two limbs or eyesight of eyes or limb and one eyesight – 100% 
  1. Casualty of one limb or one eyesight  – 50% 
  1. Enduring total disablement from harms other than quoted above – 100% 

Discounts offered by SBI Bike Insurance 

No claim bonus 

You are qualified for an NCB discount on the own-damage compensation for all claim-free years. It begins with 20% for the foremost year and then can reach as high as around 50% over the next five consecutive claims years. The most useful part is you can maintain this value, even if you desire to sell the existing bike and buy a new one. 

The subsequent table displays the NCB grid:

One claim-free year  20%
consecutive claim-free years25%
consecutive claim-free years35%
consecutive claim-free years45% 
consecutive claim-free years  50% 

Voluntary discounts 

A deductible is nobody but a portion that you ought to pay during a misfortune or mishap. This deductible recreates a major function in resolving your two-wheeler insurance premium. 

More increased the deductible, more down would be the two-wheeler insurance bonus. If you understand you are a secure and trustworthy driver, opt for a more elevated voluntary deductible. This shall help in obtaining the most downward two-wheeler insurance.  

Membership of AAI 

If the bike is a member of of the identified Automobile Associations of India, this then can convey you an additional  discount 

Induction of security devices 

If the two-wheeler is equipped with ARAI authorised anti-theft devices, you are qualified for an extra discount of up to 2.5% on the self-owned damage premium. 

Tenure Discount 

This Business offers an assignment discount of 5% on the self Own Damage Dividend if someone opts for a 2-year approach and around 8% if someone opts for a 3-year approach  

Specialized Discount 

The SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Policy presents a specialized discount for modified automobiles for the sightless, handicapped and mentally challenged of 50% of the self-owned deterioration premium. 

Exclusions of SBI Bike Insurance

  • Wear and tear, meltdowns 

  • Significant loss 

  • Lose when driving the bike with a nullified driving license or beneath the influence of liquor. 

  • Loss due to war, civil war, etc. 

  • Claims originating out of the contractual penalty. 

  • Use of automobile otherwise than in conformity with `limitations as to utilise 

How to Claim for SBI Bike Insurance

Step-by-step Claim procedure: 

In case of a calamity or an unfortunate circumstance or loss, do track the below step-by-step, leisurely and hassle-free claim procedure: 

  • Immediately reach to the SBI Two-wheeler Insurance Company after an incident and notify about the exact date, time and location of the incident. You can also check the index of the offices on the official website. 

  • Keep the two-wheeler at the casualty spot/site in point of a misfortune which may contain fire/ hoots etc. till the moment the surveyors see the accident location to survey your automobile. 

  • In a matter of any third-party damages or death, guarantee that you notify your closest police station regarding the incident and stand an FIR. Inform the title of the hospital and the name of the doctor who treated you if you are reaching the third party in a hospital. 

  • Post finishing the above pleasantries you can either move or pull your two-wheeler to the nearby network sbi garages. You can even visit any of the closest offices of SBI Two Wheeler Insurance for a last survey of the vehicle. Propose the surveyor document along with a copy of your FIR. 

  • Guarantee that the repair position to start only post the last surveyor confirms the damage induced. Only post backing the identical, you may move ahead with the restoration of your bike works. 

  • Submit the money bills for spare components, labour costs etc. and then bring the refund done, in case the claim is acceptable. 


Q1. Can I stretch the coverage of the third party bike insurance policy? 

Ans – No, you cannot extend the coverage of the third party bike insurance policy since it does not present any add-on covers. It delivers basic coverage. For comprehensive coverage, you can go for the comprehensive bike insurance policy and even pack the third party insurance plan with an own-damage bike insurance plan 

Q2. How can I buy the SBI third-party bike insurance policy? 

Ans – You can purchase the SBI third party bike insurance policy in the subsequent ways: 
On the official website of SBI bike insurance, you can even dial and reach them to the toll-free number-  1800-102-1111 
Also, you can reach them By visiting the nearest branch. 

Q3. Can I check the status of my SBI third party bike insurance policy online? 

Ans – You can review your policy online very efficiently by logging onto the authorised website of SBI General Insurance. You need to be registered on their website to relish this benefit. 

Q4. Is it compulsory to have a motor insurance policy? 

Ans – Yes, car insurance is compulsory in India for many grounds, the first and greatest being the rising digit of highway accidents in India. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 notes that every owner-driver is lawfully required to hold a car insurance approach while moving on the bike on the Indian roads. 

Q5. What are the documents required to process a motor insurance claim? 

Ans – The required documents are as follows: 

Thoroughly filled out Claim Form 

Policy Paper  

Driving License of person who is driving  at the period of loss 

Copy of your RC