Shriram Two-Wheeler Insurance

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I hope this is not alien, oh it is? Ok, wait, let me put it in simpler words for you, in our lives whatever we do comes back to us, like a boomerang and when you lead a middle-class life and tend to own any priced possession, the responsibility to take care of it becomes more and more important otherwise the prized possession of yours will start to play along.  

In that situation, pops up the Two-Wheeler insurance providers and their extremely exciting plans to keep you and your vehicle safe and sound, and equipped at the time of any emergency. Now, we all know that when you are out with your vehicle, you along with your family carry a truckload of tension and stress that what the day is holding for you, right? And, just in case the day is unfolding in its worst possible manner and you don’t have anyone to look at your current financial situation, would you even want to think about it? Well, I don’t! And if you too want to live a life that is a bit protected from this stuff then, my friend, it is the time for you to opt for the Shriram Bike Insurance.  

Different Types of Shriram Bike Insurance Plans

Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance

Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance is one of the most basic types of insurance plans provided by the companies to help you and your two-wheeler to roam safely on the roads and it provides coverage at the time of any emergency or unwanted situations caused to any third person or a party involving your vehicle. It covers damages and property loss caused to any third-party vehicle in which your two wheeler is also involved.  

According to the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it is extremely important and necessary to have your two-wheeler insured under this plan.  

Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

The Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plans are the plans that are slightly different from that of the Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance, why? If we look at the third party insurance plan it only covers a few damages and losses that are caused to the liabilities of the third person because of your two-wheeler but in contrast, the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is recommended for you if you are willing to buy any insurance, want to know why? 

Look here in then, 

  • Firstly, because the roads in India is full of holes and speed breakers which leads to unwanted situations.  

  • Accidents can wave you any time and it is absolutely unpredictable that how much damage will it cause, it can be minor one or it can be a hazardous one as well.  

  • It covers your hospital expenses too.  

  • They are standing behind 24/7, to help you even on roads with fuel or towing.  

Owner Damage Two Wheeler Insurance

It is similar to the name, Owner Damage Two Wheeler Insurance, it covers you and your two-wheeler at the very first priority and it totally bears all the expenses from the damages caused to the vehicle to the human, I mean the hospital expenditure. This particular plan provides you with the most of the protection and coverage.  

Shriram Bike Insurance- Reviews

  • This section is all about what the crowd or the customers have to say about the Shriram Bike Insurance Providers.  
  • The team is efficient and works for your benefit and provides endless support.  
  • The place or the website seems to be a safe place to buy insurance from.  
  • The plans are designed in a way that they serves the maximum benefit to the plan owner.  
  • The claim settlement process is really very easy.  
  • They offer many plans and one can compare and choose the best.  
  • They provide the best, easy, and pocket-friendly premium payment schemes.  
  • Their online service is efficient as well.  
  • Their website and their staff members are fully equipped and prepared with all the answers to all your queries.   
  • The policy renewal is very easy and effective too. They just require a few of your documents and it’s done.  
  • They instantly generate the soft copy of the policy purchased.  

Important Benefits of Shriram Bike Insurance

This section will help collect all the necessary information about the major highlighted advantages and benefits provided by the Shriram Bike Insurance Providers. Come on in, let’s have a look:- 

  • In the time when people are living very busy highly packed life, the Shriram Bike Insurance Providers offers you easy and convenient online procedure to protect your bike from accidents and unwanted events.  

  • They tend to offer your bike’s wholesome coverage. It covers your two wheeler from all sort of calamities and accidents. 

  • Shriram Bike Insurance Policy Provider offers you with easy and simple documentation.  

  • They provide you with instant duly signed policy papers and certificate. That is, they have a very quick service.   

  • They give you doorstep service of new enrollment.  

  • They have a vast network of garages that offers you free and instant services at the time of an emergency .  

  • They offer pan India services of help desk that offers round the clock query solving sessions.  

  • They provides you with assistance at the time of need.  

  • On regular basis they conduct online and even offline claim surveys which help them to improve and work more efficiently.  

  • Their plans are so pocket and consumer friendly which makes them one of the leading bike insurance providers in India today.  

Shriram Bike InsuranceCare Numbers / Contact details

Now you must be wondering that what if something went wrong and you are stuck at a place, how will you find assistance for you and a two-wheeler, right?  

Well! Not to worry and make the heart skip its precious beats, here are the contact details of Shriram Bike Insurance Providers to ease your work and make you function well.  

1. Fax number:- 0141-2770692, 2770693 

2. Toll-free number:- 1800-300-30000 OR 1800-103-3009 

Features of Future  Shriram Bike Insurance: 

Everything has a beginning and has plans to work and move forward and if we talk about the Shriram Bike Insurance Providers, they are working each day so hard just to make your tomorrow be calm and peaceful. Some major highlights of why you should opt for their plans to secure your and your two-wheeler’s future.  

  • It is very convenient to apply.  

  • Claim settlement process is very quick.  

  • They offers you with some added benefits as well.  

  • They have a round the clock assistance for all the queries of yours.  

  • Their documentation process is very easy and quick.  

  • They help you with instant certificate and documents of the policy.

  • They help you to renew your policy easily.  

  • Their website is user friendly and offer many plans to compare and choose from. 

  • They safeguards you and two wheeler with different plans and policies, one of which covers the third party liabilities, one that covers your two wheeler along with the third party liability and one that has a win win situation for you, that covers only your two wheeler’s loss and damages due to accidents, calamities and fire.  

Shriram Bike Insurance Coverage: 

The Shriram Bike Insurance Providers is one of the leading and outshining names in the industry of insurances in India today. Apart from just providing insurance and coverages for you and your vehicles, be it two-wheeler or four-wheeler, they have extended their hands in the field of the stock exchange market, chit funds, and more.  

If we strictly talk about the Shriram Bike Insurance Plans, then trust me on this, you are going on the right path to protecting your two-wheeler from any kind of mishap. Their plans are so affordable that they make everyone feel the need to opt for at least one out of all.  

Discounts offered by Shriram Bike Insurance:

Be it a well-to-do family member or a member of a middle-class family, everyone needs and drool over discounts. So here is the list of discounts that are offered by the Shriram Bike Insurance Providers:- 

They provide you with various kinds of discounts for not only your safety and benefits but also for your car’s safety and security.  

First on the list is the NCB, that is, the No Claim Bonus, which adds on every year when you do not claim your amount under any accidental or unwanted situations.  

Listed below are the percentage of increment per year:- 

  • In the first year without claiming the amount, the percentage increased or added is 20%.  

  • In the next year without claiming, the percentage increased is 25%.  

  • In the next consecutive year, the increased or added percentage is 35%.  

  • The fourth year without claiming the amount, the added incrementation amount is 45%.  

  • The fifth consecutive year without claiming the amount adds 50% to the claimable amount.  

  • If you are a member of Automobile Association, then you are eligible to avail some sort of discounts.  

  • At the time of installation of anti-theft devices which is ARAI approved, you will get discounts at that time as well.  

Exclusions of Shriram Bike Insurance: 

Everything has its own add ons and exclusions and so as the Shriram Bike Insurance Plans have.  

1. It does not cover any casualty related to the mechanical or electrical breakdown of the system.  

2. Accident occurred while using a vehicle that is not been under the insurance.  

3. It does not cover the person who is not mentioned in the insurance.  

4. Accident that occurred due to the consumption of liquor or drug abuse.  

5. In case of the cause of death is discovered to be suicide or self-harm, in that case, there is no or zero compensation given.   

6. In case of the damage being caused because of any nuclear war or radiation.  

7. If the bike which is under the insurance hits an accident away from the enlisted geographical area.  

8. In case the driver isn’t carrying the proper documents or driver’s license.  

How to Claim for Shriram Bike Insurance? 

The claim settlement process is extremely easy-breezy here, let us a quick glance at that too:- 

A. Step 1:- Either by visiting the nearest branch or by visiting or finding the branch online.  

B. Step 2:- Write an application or send a mail to the branch about the claim need.  

C. Step 3:- Fill in the form which asks you to mention some of your basic details, like- 

  •   Bike Insurance Policy Number 

  •   Name of the insured  

  • Contact details of the same  

  • Address of the place where the damage or loss took place. 

  • Address of the place where the vehicle is kept for the inspection.  

  • Registration number of the bike.  

  • Name of the owner of the bike.  

  • Name and address of the police station where the complaint is logded in case of theft.  

  • Brief description of the damage caused.  

D. Step 4:- And it’s done, after verification your claimable amount will be released.  

FAQ’s  for Shriram Bike Insurance

I know there are a few questions that are still standing unanswered and so to make your thoughts clearer, here are the few most probably asked questions answered for your ease and benefit.  

Q1. What are the available premium payment options for Shriram two-wheeler insurance? 
There are three basic ways available to pay your two wheeler’s premium in the Shriram Bike Insurance, and they are:

Ans – There are three basic ways available to pay your two wheeler’s premium in the Shriram Bike Insurance, and they are:
  A. Net Banking 

  B. Credit or Debit CIard 

  C. Simply by Cheque 

Q2. How long will my Shriram two wheeler insurance policy be valid? How often do I need to renew it? 

The Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance Policy comes with the validity of 12 months and you have to renew it on or before 12 months, precisely annually.  

3. Can I buy and renew Shriram two wheeler insurance online? 

Yes, the Shriram Bike Insurance Providers have this facility for their customers to avail and renew their policies through online mode with an outstanding 40% discount.  

4. Can I renew my Shriram bike insurance policy online if I don’t have the policy number? 

Yes, you can renew your Shriram Bike Insurance Policy even if you don’t have the policy number, simply by entering the registered mobile number and registration number.  

5. Can I update my email ID at the time of renewal? 

Ans – Yes, you can update your Email ID at the time of renewal just by following the below-listed steps:- 

1. Open the official website of Shriram Bike Insurance.  

2. Click on Two Wheeler.  

3. Select and open the page Renew Shriram Policy.  

4. A page will open with the following options: Please click here to update your:- 

   a. Mobile number 

  b. Registration number 

   c. Email ID 

Here, select your desired option.  

5. The Endorsement Page will open up. Now just fill up the:- 

    a. Policy Type  

    b. Policy Number 

    c. Engine Number 

    d. Registration Number 

e. Mobile Number  

And it’s done, click on submit.  

6. A new page will open up and now fill in your new and updated email address and it’s done.  

6. What happens if I do not renew my existing policy? 

Policies are made entirely for your benefit and protection and just in case you do not go for the renewal of your policy plan, then you might go through the following situations:- 

It is mandatory to have an insurance policy which safeguards your vehicle and if you take your 

vehicle out on the road without having a proper insurance then you will have to pay a certain amount as penalty.  
The road is the home of mis- happenings and in case you met with any sort of accident involving the third party loss, then you will have to bear a truck load of financial loss. 

In case of theft or fire, you will not be eligible to get any compensation.