Shriram Car Insurance

An overview

Shriram car insurance is an all-around car insurance policy proposed by Shriram General Insurance. This is a joint enterprise between Shriram Capital and South African SANLAM. The insurance has been awarded the Excellence In Growth Award for 2 consecutive years of 2011 and 2012. The firm offers private and commercial car insurance beneath its motor insurance line. Along with this, one can also benefit from a wide spectrum of add-ons for daily reimbursement, Shriram car insurance zero depreciation cover, return to invoice, emergency transport,  personal belongings cover, and hotel expenses reimbursement, key replacement plus multi-car rebate. 

List of best Car Insurance Products from Shriram Car Insurance 

A. Third-Party liability insurance 

Third-party car insurance covers any legal penalty due to the engagement of one’s own car in any accident. Be it demise, disability, wound or sizable estate damage to a third base party, the insurer reimburses for it. Hence, one is protected from the financial penalty arising against a third party. 

Also named as an ‘act only’, the third party cover reduces the car owner’s concerns with its range of coverage presented during a mishap. 

The Motor Vehicles Act, which was enacted in1988 has undertaken this Third-party insurance compulsory for vehicles on the Indian streets. There are zero two ways around it. One must have a third party policy for their vehicle and just cannot ward off it. An automobile without third party insurance is considered illegal. If one is tech-savvy, they can accept third party car insurance through the official online website or cell phone application of their preferred insurance firm. 

B. Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Comprehensive car insurance protects one for damages induced to the own car which could vary from: dents resulting from another automobile during a road casualty or the windshield having broken or the car getting robbed. Other than amends, comprehensive car insurance benefits one to cover wear/ injuries rendered to a third party. Here are these instances: 

  • Theft 
  • Road Accidents 
  • Vandalism 

  • Fire 

  • Falling Objects 

  • Natural Disasters 

  • Damage caused by animals or wildlife 

  • Civil Disturbances 

Having only third party car insurance will never cover any of those mentioned damages to the car. Thus, holding comprehensive insurance is a matter of comfort. 

C. Personal Accident Cover 

Own-Damage (or also shortened with OD) car Insurance, as the title suggests, enables policyholders to stay covered contrary to loss or impairment of their vehicles due to happenings like fire, robbery, etc. Autonomous own-damage annual covers shall only be expanded to customers who previously have third-party insurance on the spot or would want to avail the couple simultaneously. In contrast to third-party insurance, taking this insurance cover is discretionary. 

Shriram Car Insurance – Reviews

Shriram General Insurance is a household-grown insurer that comprehends the benefits of being a ‘people first’ corporation. With processes and actions that are easy to endorse, a very strong customer-support endeavor and the sure situation as a severe competitor in the Indian motor insurance setting, SGI must definitely have the vote of their clients when it reaches insurance for the dream specified wheels.  

The Shriram Car Insurance proposes a good scope of cover and there is a choice for add-on blessings to personalize the necessities of the insured. These, actually along with the evident cut guidance of the claim process, constructs it the right option for any vehicle insurance. This Firm ensures 24*7 consumer support and an outstanding claim settlement procedure too. Their flawless inspection unit offers their customers high assistance standards. 

So, why pause? Hurry and Apply Now! 

Exclusions of Shriram Car Insurance  

The claims of Shriram Car Insurance would not be acknowledged under the under  exclusions: 

  • Regular Wear and Tear along with any Electrical or even the Mechanical Breakdowns 

  • Damage to tires (unless the vehicle also harmed) 

  • Driver if found without a Legitimate Driving License 

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcoholic beverages such as alcohol or drugs 

  • When the conveyance is used for any prohibited purpose 

  • Usage beyond geographical limitations  

  • The vehicle is utilized for Hire or Recompense, Carriage of Commodities, Organized Competition, Pace Making, Rate Testing, Dependability Trials 

  • Nuclear Battles and Perils 

Shriram Car Insurance- Customer Care Numbers / Contact details

If one is having any questions to make or problems to be determined with reference to the policy, they may be reached out to the client care center by dialing on toll-free number i.e 1800-300-30000 or 1800-103-3009. The customer help executive will direct with the new policy investment plus help one with other policy-related matters. 

One can Visit The closest Shriram General Insurance Branch Bureau 

Customers can tour the branch office of Shriram General Coverage closer to them and tackle the sales and help the team to purchase a new policy or obtain assistance with their current policies. Below cited are the addresses, reference numbers, and electronic mail addresses of their branch headquarters in significant Indian cities. 

Corporate Office Address: 

Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd. 

E-8, EPIP, RIICO Industrial Area, 

Sitapura, Jaipur – 302022 (Raj.) 

Customer Help Desk-  

Toll-free: 1800-300-30000 

Fax: 0141-2770692, 2770693 

Documents Needed For Shriram Car Insurance

In order to operate the motor insurance to file a claim in the issue of an accident or injury that happened to the vehicle, one will be requiring the following documents: 

  • Online car insurance policy 

  • Copy of the duly signed claim form 

  • Copy of their legal driving license 

  • Repair bill (i,e Original) 

  • Proof of propagation and cash receipt 

  • RC copy of the conveyance 

  • FIR (Solely in case of stealing, injury/harm to third-party, or road accidents) 

Shriram Car Insurance: Some necessary Terms

1. What is a No Claim Bonus? A no claim bonus is the bonus offered to that assurance, who didn’t have created a single claim throughout the policy period.  This is a recognition of the safe and precautions driving during the policy period.  

The NCB deal starts with 20 per cent after one claim which is a totally free year, 25  per cent for two successive claim-free years, 35  per cent for three successive claim-free years, 45  per cent for four successive claim-free years and a 50  per cent discount for the full five successive claim-free years. One of the substantial benefits of NCB is, it holds on increasing all over the claim-free year and at no time reaches down if there are zero claims. 

2. Voluntary deductibles–  One may elect for more elevated deductibles and above the mandatory deduced in which case discount will be permitted up to 35  per cent on the OD premium of the auto, subordinate to a highest of Rs. 2500/- 

3. Automobile Association Discount: They will offer a discount in OD premium for the valid membership of their customer of the identified Automobile Associations such as the Uttar Pradesh Automobile Association, Automobile Association of Eastern India, the Western India Automobile Association, the Automobile Association of Upper India and Automobile Association of Southern India. 

4. Discount for Anti-Theft Devices: If the Car is equipped with anti-theft devices endorsed by the Automobile Research Association of India (ie ARAI), Pune and whose installation is properly certified by any licensed Automobile Companies, will offer a discount on this OD component of premium. 

Benefits and attributes of Shriram Car insurance plans

Car Insurance Add-ons: The Package policy does not shield the following threats but one can select any add-on or whole of them on different premiums for the protection. To additionally protect one and their near and dear ones they provide a degree of Add-on covers. The customers also get to select add-on covers of their preference with the Car Insurance policy along with getting their 24×7 toll-free facility; which help is simply a phone call away.  

Zero Depreciation Cover:  Depreciation represents the devaluation of the automobile as the days pass because of diverse factors like car age, wear and tear, aging. When one buys a new car , the cost is high. And the other aspects of the automobile material created up of glass, plastic, metallic has additional depreciation values. In point, your car gets damaged due to an accident you can’t recover the entire expenses incurred.  

Here, if one has a Shriram car insurance policy, they will be helped in the replacement of shattered car parts after deduction of the depreciation value. Therefore, choosing zero depreciation as the car insurance add-on is a suitable initiative and is quite prevalent among people as compared to other add-ons. 

Daily Reimbursement:  One can have the equipment of daily reimbursement if they have bought the added car insurance services from this Shriram general insurance. 

Return to Invoice:  Return to invoice is the add-ons that give advantages of the invoice worth of the car with the insurance information, registration fee, and highway tax. Insurers render the needed amount demonstrated in the invoice in the claim of total loss displayed. 

Personal Belongings: One buys car insurance to protect their car from any harm in the time limit. What about the individual possessions, they also ought to be covered. It protects the loss of private belongings for example car accessories, laptops, or computer-based apparatus from the locked automobile. 

Emergency Transport & Hotel Expenses: Depending on public transport may be cumbersome. To offer a discovery driving encounter without any barrier to happiness and liberty, they have instituted Emergency Transport along with Hotel Expenses cover. This Add-On cover assists in compensating crisis transport and hotel expenses. One can avail of Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses while purchasing car insurance.  

Key Replacement: Keys are important but, at diverse times these get mislaid or maybe robbed. In that circumstance, if one is having the advantage of a Key Replacement add-on then they would get another. 

Multicar rebate:  Multicar rebate as the title suggests, this body correlates to those who hold more than just one car. It will open the add-ons like Key replacement, Personal belongings aid to the automobile or cars at appropriate rates & state on revival with Shriram General Insurance and Depreciation deduction waiver. 

Why Choose Shriram Car Insurance?

Because they Protect one from the financial depletion incurred due to the detriment or loss to the vehicle. 

If an issue of the car has been in a mishap that results in injury, harm or depletion of third-party belongings or life, then this approach has covered for that contingency. 

The policy also covers one inexpensively if the automobile has been in a mishap that resulted in harm to the customer (personal accident) or their family who may have been sitting in the vehicle with them through the miserable event. 

Unique add-on covers are also available that improve the quantum of security available to the customers and their families. 

The investment in times of accessories for the vehicle–  

Electrical and non-electrical add-ons, CNG kits,  etc. can also be covered under this system. 

Buying this policy is super easy, fast and bears all of just 5 minutes that’s so online. 

They can Preserve up to 40 per cent on the following car insurance premium. 

  • A network of amazing garages permits one with the option of immediate settlement. 
  • A demonstrated thoroughly stress-free claims settlement procedure is offered. 

Shriram Car Insurance: Private Coverage

To further save one while commuting in the automobile, they offer a degree of value-added elongations to the Car Insurance Policy at a little additional premium. 

Electrical & Electronic Equipment:  

The electrical & electronic equipment like music players, LCD mini TV, seat covers, fog lights, etc. can likewise be covered. 

Bi-Fuel System (CNG/LPG Kit): 

The CNG/LPG Kit can further be covered whether it is in-constructed or fitted apiece. 

Personal Accident: 

One can avail of this covered up for themselves (as the assurance), for the driver of the vehicle and unknown passengers as in accordance with the seating strength of the vehicle. The Private Accident cover to rescue the owner/driver is unrestricted for Rs. 15 lacs. 

Shriram Car Insurance with extra Add-On Covers

POLICY COVERAGE: The Shriram car insurance policy protects one against any defeat or damage induced to the car due to Natural disasters – like Fire,  self-ignition or lightning, explosion, earthquake, typhoon, flood, hurricane, storm, inundation,  tempest, cyclone,  frost, hailstorm, landslide,  Man-made Calamities and rockslide. 


  • Free NCB Protection 

  • Nil Depreciation Cover. 

  • Return to Invoice ( Relevant to new automobiles only) 

  • Emergency Transport and  Hotel Expenses Reimbursement. 

  • Multi-Car Rebate 

  • 100% reimbursement of car value in case of a full loss of new vehicles. 

  • Key Replacement 

  • Personal Belongings Cover. 

Claim process of Shriram Car Insurance 

The step-by-step claim procedure is mentioned below-  

1. Claim Intimation: 

  • Directly contact Shriram Car Assurance on their toll-free digit or by tripping to their nearest department office. 

  • Download their claim intimation, fill it and then need to send it through to the Help Desk of Shriram Car Insurance.  

  • One may mail the duplicate to [email protected] 

  • Make certain that the underneath details are prepared at the moment of claim Intimation. 

  • Date and time of Accident. 

  • Policy no. / Proposal no. 

  • Forecasted loss 

  • Survey place, where the car can be surveyed 

  • Driver name, their contact no. with driving license information. 

  • Contact information of the insured 

2. Acknowledgment – The customer backing team of Shriram Car Insurance shall then receive the claim intimation and latter provide with the claim consideration no. 

3. Inspection – One would receive an SMS for the verification of the same upon the surveyor’s information. This is performed only once the allegation is registered and the loss appraiser becomes deputed. The review time would be insinuated by the supervisor to conduct the review accordingly.  

4. Re-inspection – In the issue of re-inspection recommended by the surveyor, inseparable Shriram Car Insurance customer office for the timetable of the re-inspection. 

Documents needed: 

  1. Police FIR (If) 
  1. Driving License 
  1. Fitness Certificate (Business Vehicle Only) 
  1. Motor Insurance policy with program and endorsement/clause. 
  1. Claim form (has to be signed by Insured). 
  1. Registration Certification. 

FAQs – Shriram Car Insurance

Q1. How long is the SGI Motor Insurance policy valid? 

Ans – The policy stays in force for around 12 months from the time of commencement. 

Q2. Why must I purchase the SGI Motor Insurance? 

Ans – SGI has developed its Motor Insurance policy with its customers in mind. The subsequent features should presumably answer this query- 

✓ Buy online in beneath 5 minutes. 
✓ Avail up to a 40 percent discount on the assurance premium when one buys the policy easily online. 
✓ Simply no documents are needed with the policy purchase. 
✓ Easy pay options via Credit and also with Debit Cards or Net Banking. 
✓ Highest security levels for whole online transactions. 

Q3. Will my vehicle be covered if, at the time of the accident, it was driven by someone else? 

Ans – Absolutely. In all circumstances, the liability follows the vehicle. Therefore, if the stated driver had the permit and was driving with a legitimate license, then the procedure will still be carried out. 

Q4. Can I make changes to my policy? 

Ans – All following changes can be generated using paper known as an ‘endorsement’. This is a paper doc that includes modifications in the terms and functions as written proof of an approved change to the policy. The words in this record are delivered by SGI and also can be used to register samples such as name,  address, and even alteration of the model of the automobile. 

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