Bajaj Finance Hikes Fixed Deposits Rates, Highest Rates Now Is about 6.80 – Krow

Bajaj Finance is one of the leading Non-Banking Financial Institutions in India with high credit conditions given by top credit agencies. The company provides fixed deposit schemes to its guests with seductive interest rates and the loftiest fixed deposit rate offered by Baja Finance is 6.80 for individualities who are lower than 60 times old. On the other hand, elderly citizens are eligible to earn an interest rate of 7.05 on fixed deposits for the term of 36 months.

Rate of Interest for Fixed Deposits 2022

The advantages of investing in a fixed deposit scheme offered by Bajaj Finance are- further than the loftiest fixed deposit rates as you’re eligible to invest for a flexible term, it provides the installation of multi-deposit, periodic pay-outs of interest, easy loan against Fixed Deposits, and installation of bus-renewal. People who are lower than 60 times can earn an Fixed Deposits rate of interest as high as 6.80 and elderly citizens can get the loftiest Fixed Deposits rates of 7.05. These are the loftiest rate of interest offered in India. In this way, with Bajaj Financial Fixed Deposits, you can anticipate the hassle-free experience of investment along with the advantages of growing your investment with one of the stylish Fixed Deposits rates in India. You can start your investment trip with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits right now and can make your savings grow fluently.


In the case of online renewal, a .10% fresh rate of interest over the applicable interest rate is paid.

*Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposits Vs. Accretive Fixed Deposits

In the accretive fixed deposit scheme, the interest is paid at the time of maturity, whereas in non-cumulative fixed deposits interest is outstanding on a monthly, partial-monthly, daily, and yearly base.

* Bajaj Finance 2022 Fixed Deposits Rates for the NRIs

NRIs can also reap the benefits of Bajaj Finance fixed deposits and also grow their savings with guaranteed returns up to 6.50 for people who are under 60 times. The rate of interest is 6.75 for elderly citizens. NRIs can get the benefits of periodic options for pay-outs along with flexible policy term that ranges from 12 months to 36 months. The minimal quantum that you have to deposit in your Bajaj Finance FD isRs.,000 and as you can see from the forenamed tables that it offers a flexible term range that starts from 12 months.

How Important Interest Will You Get in Five Times?

Still, you can grow your savings to over to 40, if you invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit scheme for five times. Let us take an illustration to understand this. Suppose you have invested Rs. 1,00,000 for five times in the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit scheme. The company provides an seductive rate of interest for five times and it enables you to grow your savings fluently. The company offers an seductive rate of interest for five times fixed deposit scheme. Those who invest offline get roughly 40 further quantum in return. Still, those who invest online are eligible to grow their savings to 41, whereas elderly citizens can grow their invested plutocrat to 42.

The Final Words!

The fixed deposit schemes offered by Bajaj Finance have got ‘FAAA/ Stable’ delegation by CRISIL and ‘ MAAA( Stable)’ standing by ICRA. This indicates the loftiest position of safety concerning timely interest payment and star on the instrument.